Magic Unlimited can add another international experience to their CV. Oscar, Renzo and Mara performed six times in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The shows, that took place in the Cultural Hall in Manama, were promoted with numerous billboards and advertisements through the entire country.
Afterwards the illusionists went to France, where they performed their French show for one month.

The summer shows in Theatre de Maaspoort in Venlo were also continued this year. Magic Unlimited, Hans Kazàn and Steven Kazàn were seen in July and August with their brand new show “Kazàn 2“.

magic unlimited in bahrain


The year began with a series of shows in Oscar, Renzo and Mara’s country of residence: Spain. Directly after these shows, the illusionists travelled to Holland for a range of performances. From March to May Magic Unlimited conducted shows daily in France. In between, Oscar, Renzo and Mara performed at the beautiful ‘Monte-Carlo Sporting’ in Monaco, during the Grand Prix Historique.

Their next adventure was during the summer period. In July, when Dutch theatres are normally closed, Magic Unlimited, Hans Kazàn and Steven Kazàn were asked to perform for four weeks in ‘Theatre de Maaspoort’ in the Dutch city of Venlo. This special collaboration with De Maaspoort turned out to be a great success: all of the 16 shows were sold-out and the audience’s response was more than enthusiastic. Their show, ‘Kazàn, the Magic Family‘, received an unbelievable audience rating of 8,9 out of 10.

In the fall, Magic Unlimited taped a few special magic acts for the ZDF Wintergarten, the Christmas-edition of the TV show ZDF Fernsehgarten. During this festive episode the illusionists made the German TV host Andrea Kiewel appear with a spectacular illusion

Bianca Dijck


The year of 2015 was characterized by many international performances and magical surprises.
2015 kicked off in Berlin, where Oscar Renzo and Mara performed for a couple of months in the famous Wintergarten.

Next followed two months of touring for the ‘Magic Family’ with their production ‘Top Secret’. In this show Magic Unlimited, together with their father Hans Kazàn, and brother, comedian Steven Kazàn, amazed the audiences of many Dutch theatres. During this tour, Kian Kazàn, the five year old (!) son of Renzo and Mara made his first appearance on national television in the Dutch TV-show ‘We are Family’. This proves that all members of the Kazàn family have magical blood running through their veins!

Magic Unlimited travelled off to China in September and October, where they performed a few times in the metropolitan cities of Ningbo and Chengdu. By the end of October they revealed their brand new magic book, ‘The Adventures of the Magic Family’ during a live broadcast of a late night TV show in Amsterdam. In November they were invited to perform in Paris, in the special New Year’s Eve edition of the famous TV-show ‘Le plus grand cabaret du monde’. 4 million people watched this broadcast.

The year ended with two sold-out Christmas shows, and the Magic Family performing on stage all together. Immediately after that, Magic Unlimited went to Munich, where they brought 2015 to a spectacular close with a series of 11 shows, and a full house every night, in the Prinzregententheater.

hans kazan


During 2014 Magic Unlimited  presented shows in numerous acclaimed theatres in several cities around the globe.

Oscar, Renzo & Mara performed for 4 weeks in the famous Circo Price theatre in Madrid, following which they made a special tour through Asia.

Magic Unlimited commenced with a performance in the ´Palace of Peace and Reconciliation’ in the new city of Astana in Kazakhstan. Then the illusionists flew to Shanghai where an audience of thousands was thrilled by their spectacular show.

It was an extremely dynamic and busy year for Oscar, Renzo & Mara who concluded 2014 with 160 shows in the classic Wintergarten Variete in Berlin, Germany.

magic unlimited


2013 was a great year for Magic Unlimited as they toured through Europe presenting their new theatre production ‘The Magic & Mystery show’. The tour proved very successful as all venues were full and the audiences were extremely receptive and enthusiastic. In total Oscar, Renzo & Mara performed an amazing 190 shows in 2013, in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain.

Of these 190 shows we would like to highlight their “Gala performance” which was held during the magic convention in Guadalajara (Spain), the show in Stuttgart (Germany) as well as the series of Christmas shows held in the Netherlands. The Christmas shows held in December 2013 brought together the whole Kazàn family as they presented a unique series of shows in order to stage a magnificent ending to a very successful and productive year.

magic show


Magic Unlimited succeeded in continuously expanding their international performances. In addition to shows in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and China, Oscar, Renzo & Mara, also performed in Japan and Turkey.

In Japan they reached 10 million viewers with their performance for the TV network NTV, in collaboration with the famous Japanese movie star Natsuna.

Magic Unlimited was a weekly guest in the ‘En Buyuk show’, a television show in Turkey with 30 million viewers. The German TV network ZDF also discovered the illusionists; Oscar, Renzo & Mara were invited as guests to the popular TV show ‘Fernsehgarten’, several times.

However, all previous high ratings were surpassed on the last day of 2012, New Year’s Eve, in an unbelievable way. With their performance on the Live New Year’s Eve Show of CCTV 1 in Beijing in China, they set a record of no less than 500 million viewers!

international show


This was a great year for Magic Unlimited. Never before had the international agenda been so packed. Oscar, Renzo & Mara performed in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal and Spain. In addition, for the first time ever, they performed in China.

After having their 13-episode TV show broadcast on the largest Chinese network, CCTV 1, they were asked to do 7 shows in the modern metropolis Shen Zhen. With 1500 spectators per show, all shows were sold out to the very last seat.

Other highlights in 2011 included the renewed collaboration with TROS television in the Netherlands, the opening ceremony of the World Bridge Championship and their work as ambassadors for Kinderfonds Dappere Dodo’s.

The year concluded with a performance on the popular French TV show ‘Le plus grand cabaret du Monde’. More than 60 million viewers watched Magic Unlimited perform on television


After a series of shows in the PrinzRegenten Theatre in Munich the theatre tour of Magic Unlimited continued in the Netherlands. Together with the famous Dutch magician Hans Kazàn, they presented an evening program in which two different generations of magic complemented each other perfectly.

After the tour in the Netherlands they travelled to Spain where they had planned a series of shows in Granada. It was the first time that the entire show of Magic Unlimited was presented entirely in Spanish for a Spanish audience only.

In February 2010 during an international magic festival in Barcelona, Oscar, Renzo & Mara received the prestigious Li-Chang award. Magicians from all over the world performed at the event, after which the audience was able to vote for their favourite act. With a majority of 72% of the vote, Magic Unlimited won this special award, which is recognized as an international quality award by the F.I.S.M.

In March 2010 Magic Unlimited was invited back to perform four shows at the Ince’s Hall in Gibraltar.

Also in the private life of Magic Unlimited there were some special developments: on May 14th 2010, Renzo & Mara were married! It was a fantastic day for the glamorous couple and for their family and friends.

One week after the wedding Magic Unlimited travelled for the second time to the heart of the sunny Spanish city Granada. This time they performed in the classical theatre, Isabel la Catolica.

From June 2010, the shows of Magic Unlimited were held in the beautiful Theatre Hotel Torrequebrada in Benalmadena in southern Spain, and were continued for a period of four months.

After this they then travelled to the Netherlands for an extensive theatre tour (Happy Magic). In two months time they did more than 40 shows. All shows were given a standing ovation.

2010 ended in the Spanish city of Leon. Magic Unlimited performed six times for a full house in a 1200-seat auditorium in Leon

oscar kazan


The year 2009 started very well for Magic Unlimited when they were invited to perform as the closing act for the biggest annual international magic festival in the world, in Blackpool, England. It was an honour to be invited as the main act. The performance in the Opera House (3000 seats) was both a sell-out and a big hit!

In Spain the television contract of Magic Unlimited was continued. In collaboration with the Spanish TV-producer José Luis Moreno, 9 new shows were recorded for the Spanish television. Magic Unlimited was also invited to be the main act for the ‘Festival de Magia’ in Bilbao.

The Magic Unlimited shows in the theatre of the 5-star Hotel Casino Resort Torrequebrada was, for the third time in a row, extended for a period of 5 months.

In the Autumn of 2009, Oscar, Renzo & Mara made a tour with their father, Hans Kazàn, in the Netherlands. During this tour Magic Unlimited was invited to many galas and to make a performance for the national Belgium television during the international Sport Gala of the VRT.

The year 2009 closed in Munich, Germany, where Magic Unlimited performed twice a day for over 2 weeks, in the consistently sold-out Prinzenregenten theatre (1200 seats). The show was described as brilliant.

magic family


The show of Oscar, Renzo & Mara in the theatre Hotel Casino Torrequebrada in the south of Spain was continued due to its success.

Oscar, Renzo & Mara also participated in the follow up of the Dutch television series ‘Groeten uit de Rimboe’.

They started wowing audiences again during a new tour of theatres , which started in France, continued in Holland and again around the globe. ‘What you get… is an illusion!’


During the whole year Oscar, Renzo & Mara presented their full night show in the theatre of Hotel Casino Torrequebrada in the South of Spain.

They also participated in the Dutch television series ‘Groeten uit de Rimboe’ in which they had to live for 3 weeks with a primitive tribe – the Samburu – in the jungle of Kenya in Africa. The ratings for this TV show were impressive!

Oscar, Renzo & Mara were also the head-line act during the autumn festival of Gibraltar.


TROS Television screened the new 12-part Magic Unlimited television series in prime-time.
They continued touring around the globe.


This year the television series was also now broadcast in Korea. A brand-new magic book with tricks for the young was published, and an amazing new theatre show filled theatres everywhere.


During an international show of famous magicians from all over the world, Prince Albert of Monaco presented the three young magicians with no less than 3 (!) different prestigious awards, which constituted a unique event. This sensational gathering confirmed that Oscar, Renzo & Mara now belonged to the top-tier of magicians around the world.

This year, the television series in 13 parts, by Oscar, Renzo & Mara, was broadcast by the TV station Lativi, in Indonesia. Invitations to perform on TV shows, started to increase significantly

hans kazan


Oscar, Renzo & Mara presented a magic box to stimulate European youth to take up a fascinating hobby: performing magic!

The third series of magic TV shows, in which they received famous guests, was again an overwhelming success!



The show’s success was unprecedented. Another 9 new television shows were produced. In the meantime, the theatre shows – now all over the world – continued.


Oscar, Renzo & Mara produced 9 television specials that were shown in prime-time by the Dutch television broadcasting channel TROS.



After a live television performance in the French ‘City of Light,’ Paris, they unexpectedly received the prestigious Golden Mandrake Award. This is an international award for magicians who have made a significant contribution to their field.



The European theatre tour was extended due to its success. Night after night they performed and captured the hearts of both the young and the old with their dynamic and romantic magic shows.



Oscar, Renzo & Mara undertook their first European theatre tour and made their television debut in various countries.


Oscar, Renzo & Mara performed at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas for the first time, and met the world-famous magicians Siegfried & Roy. In the same year, they also performed at the famous Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas.

Their performance on the American television special ‘World’s Greatest Magic’ was transmitted coast to coast by NBC. Furthermore, they received an invitation for the very popular Tonight Show.


Oscar (14-09-1980), Renzo (12-12-1982) & Mara (08-04-1981) performed together for the first time. Thanks to their surprising and cool illusions they became regular guests on the popular television show, ‘The Magic & Mystery Show’ in the Netherlands. They were the youngest professional magicians in the world at that time.

show magic unlimited