Renzo Kazàn tells about how he started with the illusionist group Magic Unlimited, and how they became successful internationally.

Renzo Kazàn:

‘I was 12 years old when my brother Oscar asked me to help him with an appearance trick. Next to our house we had a barn where my father kept his old, unused illusions.

We began to practice and I had to show the magic box as empty and then make my brother appear in it. Soon we realized that we were missing a third person.

Oscar had been going to dance classes where he had met Mara who was 14 at the time. He asked her if she wanted to try out some magic. From that moment on we were a team that would become Magic Unlimited.

That summer we spent weeks in the barn rehearsing and trying out new tricks with the help of a choreographer.

Kazàn, the magic family

Our first performance was very scary. No longer were we rehearsing at home, but instead we were standing on a stage with an audience in front of us. I remember it being quite a surreal experience for us, and for my father Hans Kazàn too.

Hans is the most famous magician and entertainer in the Netherlands.  From that moment on, he was no longer alone in the dressing room. Two of his sons were preparing for the show as well.

Now, after many years of experience and traveling all over the world, it is no longer only about rehearsing and performing. I became the artistic director of the show. Together with Oscar and Mara I am always trying to improve our acts.

I am glad that Oscar asked me and Mara to join him to create a magic and illusion show. We could never have expected that we would travel all over the world, or that Mara, after many years of working together, would become my wife.

I love my job! Sometimes we still have shows together with my father and who knows what the future will bring…maybe one day my children will join us on stage!’

Renzo Kazàn