Oscar Kazàn

Oscar Kazàn tells about the past and present of Magic Unlimited:

‘When I started  in 1996 it was my dream to take our show all over the world. At that time, I could never have imagined that I would be living that dream today.

With Magic Unlimited we perform in many prestigious theatres all over the globe. We have been to Las Vegas, China, the Middle East, and many more fantastic places! I find it truly amazing, that wherever we go, we are able to touch the audience’s hearts and make them embrace us. 

I think it´s great that after so many years I still enjoy sharing the stage with my brother Renzo and Mara.

Renzo is the artistic director of the show and as a magician he picks up difficult techniques very easily. Mara has always had a knack for acting. She stands out on the stage and she is brilliant in theatrical solo acts. Besides that, she has also discovered the art of sand painting all by herself.

Also my youngest brother Steven Kazàn, has been with me from the beginning. He started as the stage-manager, but through the years he developed his comedy skills and nowadays he has a special place in the show.

The apple doesn´t fall far from the tree

My father, Hans Kazàn is the most famous magician in the Netherlands. He made over a 1000 magic shows for television. So, at home I was always confronted with magic. Spoons would bend over and the salt would magically disappear from the table. So, it´s quite obvious where I got my inspiration to become an illusionist myself.

For me, working with Magic Unlimited is a way of living that naturally fits into my life and I hope to continue with it forever.


Oscar Kazàn

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