Magic Unlimited member Mara Kazàn describes how she ended up in the world of magic and illusion and became one of the world’s most famous female illusionists.

‘It is more than twenty years since I started doing magic.

I was nine when my best friend and I prepared a school project about magic. Most of the inspiration I got was from a magic book I had by Hans Kazàn, Holland’s most famous magician. I knew that he lived in a village not far from mine, so we looked him up in the phonebook, plucked up the courage, and called his number.

When we heard all kinds of crazy beeping sounds we were a bit disappointed… It was not a telephone, but a fax number! Then I remembered the fax in the basement at my father’s office. The two of us wrote, in our neatest handwriting, a nice message to Hans Kazàn, and put it into the fax machine.

To our surprise we received a very polite message back a few hours later, with some additional information for our school project. We got an A for the project and that is how my fascination with magic began. 

A few years later I met Oscar, the son of Hans Kazàn, during dancing classes. I told him the story about the fax while we were dancing the cha cha cha.

A few weeks later Oscar asked me if he could saw me in half one day. I said yes, and that was the beginning of Magic Unlimited.

Magical Journey

Since then, everything has developed rapidly; I could never have imagined that I would travel all over the world.  When I was only 16 I performed with Magic Unlimited in the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. We have participated in hundreds of international TV shows and Magic Unlimited has been invited to perform in China many times.

We’ve also worked with famous people like David Copperfield and Lionel Richie. We have performed in the tiny French `Sala de fêtes´ and surprisingly large, modern theatres in Kazakhstan.

I can certainly say that I love my profession. It is an artistic, dynamic and surprising job and I hope to continue doing this for many more years.’

mara kazàn