Magic Unlimited

The international production ‘Magic Unlimited’ is the most entertaining illusion show in the world.

This award winning show consists of the Dutch illusionists Oscar, RenzoMara who started their careers in 1996, when they were only teenagers. Nowadays, with as much as 21 years of experience, they perform all over the world.

Their high-class illusion show is brimming with dynamic and energetic acts. In any event, Magic Unlimited has their spectators on the edge of their seats.

Magic Unlimited, the ultimate feel good illusion show

Oscar, Renzo & Mara are able to inject a huge amount of energy, humor and romance onto the stage. Therefore, Magic Unlimited is the ultimate feel-good illusion show, and suitable for all kinds of audiences.

Embrace the warm personalities of Oscar, Renzo & Mara and let them spirit you away to their wondrous world of magic and illusion.

magic unlimited

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