Steven Kazàn

At the age of just 11, Steven Kazàn, the youngest brother of Oscar and Renzo Kazàn, became the stage-manager of his brothers’ illusion show: Magic Unlimited. Years passed by and although Steven loved his job as stage-manager, his family had started to notice his innate comic talent.

Steven has a very comical appearance. He has incredibly big and remarkable eyes and walks with a slightly bent back. So whenever he appears on stage, whether it is to move a prop or to hand over a microphone to one of his brothers, the audience starts to laugh.

At the age of 20, Steven was encouraged by his family to start doing comedy acts during the Magic Unlimited show. After his first performance, one thing is immediately clear: Steven Kazàn is a born comedian. Audiences from all around the world quickly embrace him and Steven turns out to be a crowd favourite.

In 2011, Steven Kazàn first performs with his father, Hans Kazàn, the most famous magician in the Netherlands. This unique collaboration between father and son on stage is an instant hit. Their show ‘De Goochelaar en de Gek’ (The Magician and the Fool) is a success in many theatres and event venues. Even now, Hans and Steven still work together on a regular basis.

Steven Kazan goes solo

Steven’s acts and stage-performances are developing rapidly. He gained a lot of experience when working with his brothers and his father. Even though Steven still works with Hans and Magic Unlimited, he has also started his own solo career. For the past few years he has performed during a variety of events in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

In 2016, Steven had the first try-out of his solo theatre show. Due to the unanimously enthusiastic response of the crowd, Steven will return to Dutch theatres in 2017 and 2018 with a new solo show, entitled ‘Krom’.

Steven kazàn