Magic Unlimited in Stuttgart

Magic Unlimited will perform a series of 10 shows in the Friedrichsbau Varieté in Stuttgart, Germany from June 6 up till June 17 2018.

During these spectacular shows, the three Dutch illusionists Oscar, Renzo & Mara take you away to their wonderful world of magic and illusion. In this fast paced, high energy show, astonishing illusions alternate with humoristic intermezzos and other forms of magic, therefore making it a unique and unforgettable experience.


TV Special well received

Yesterday the TV special of Magic Unlimited was broadcast on Dutch television.

During the special, Oscar, Renzo & Mara shared the stage with their father, Holland’s most famous entertainer and magician Hans Kazàn. Their younger brother, comedian Steven Kazàn also made an appearance in this show. 


Millions watch Magic Unlimited perform on TV

Last weekend, Oscar, Renzo & Mara performed for the 10th time in the very popular French TV show ‘Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde’.

No less than 2.4 million people saw Magic Unlimited perform three amazing illusions. They also made Patrick Sébastien, the host of the show and very famous in France,  appear on stage out of thin air.


Kazan 2

Kazan 2

Last year Magic Unlimited performed 16 theatre shows together with their Magic Family in the Maaspoort theatre in Venlo. Because of the success of this show, a sequel of these shows, ‘Kazan 2’, takes place this summer.

Preparations for these 16 theatre shows are well under way. New illusions are developed by Oscar, Renzo & Mara, and Steven Kazan has new comedy acts up on his sleeve already. 


New Shows Magic Unlimited

New show

Oscar, Renzo & Mara Kazan performed no less than 42 shows in France the past month. The shows were received very well by the audience and Magic Unlimited is already asked to come back next year. In March and April 2018, Oscar, Renzo & Mara will bring a brand new show to France.

Magic Unlimited also continue their shows in the Middle East.


Magic Unlimited in Bahrain

Oscar, Renzo & Mara perfomed a series of shows in the arabic Kingdom of Bahrain.

First magic show in Bahrain

Even though was the first time that there was a magic show in Bahrain, Magic Unlimited drew a full house every evening. The audiences were very enthusiastic and thousands of Arab visitors embraced the magic of Oscar, Renzo & Mara Kazan.


Magic Unlimited on Tour

Last month was a busy month for Oscar, Renzo & Mara. They travelled by car, boat and by plane to perform theatre shows all over the world!

Theatre shows

They launched their brand new illusion ‘The Wonderwoman’ in Gibraltar, performed a series of theatre shows in Africa and they performed live on German television during ZDF Fernsehgarten.


New illusion

In their busy schedule with many international shows, Magic Unlimited developed their brand new illusion ‘The Wonderwoman’. This spectacular illusion premieres in December during a theatre show in Gibraltar.

International Shows

After Gibraltar, the illusionists travel to the north of Africa, to perform 4 theatre shows.


International Artists

Besides many theatrical productions and tv-performances, the international show production Magic Unlimited also provides custom made magic shows for the event market.


Oscar Renzo & Mara not only magically reveal logos and products, they can also make a VIP appear out of nothing.


Magic Unlimited goes to Bahrain

Magic Unlimited goes to Bahrain

A theatre agency from the Kingdom of Bahrain is very impressed by Magic Unlimited. Therefore they booked six full evening theatre shows in the Cultural Hall in Manama, the capital of Bahrain.

Magic Unlimited will be enchanting the audiences of this Arabic Kingdom from the 21st up till the 26th of February 2017.


Magic Family huge success

The series of summer shows of Kazan, the Amazing Magic Family premiered after months of preparations. During opening night the theatre drew a full house and the artists received a standing ovation.

So far, all of the shows are sold out and tickets for the upcoming shows are selling like hot cakes.


Events Magic Unlimited

The past months Oscar, Renzo & Mara Kazan have performed all over Europe during various grand festivals and corporate events.

They also started the preparations for their summer shows in the Maaspoort theatre in Venlo, the Netherlands. The try-outs drew full houses and each show was finished with a standing ovation from the exited spectators. This magical series of theatre shows will start on the 27th of July and will end the 21st of August 2016.


New Illusion

The three Dutch illusionists Oscar, Renzo and Mara presented their brand new  illusion ‘The Muner’ in France.

‘The Muner’ is a totally incomprehensible illusion where 3 persons appear on stage at once. This sensational act was designed by the three illusionists themselves last yeara. The presentation of this spectacular effect made a huge impression on the international entertainment scene.


The Magic Family

In between their Christmas shows, the magic family wishes everyone a happy, healthy and above all, magical New Year.

The three illusionists of Magic Unlimited, Oscar, Renzo and Mara Kazan, had a booming start of 2016. It was just announced that  they will perform a series of 16 spectacular theater shows in the Netherlands. These shows take place from the 27th of July till the 21st of August 2016. They perform these shows together with their father Hans Kazan and their brother, comedian Steven Kazan.


Magic Unlimited around the world

International illusion show

Oscar, Renzo & Mara Kazàn of the international illusion show Magic Unlimited performed non-stop on stages in China, Spain, France and the Netherlands. There isn’t enough time to transport all their magical equipment from one country to another in between shows. Therefore, Magic Unlimited now has three complete sets with show-supplies in storehouses. One in Spain, one in the Netherlands and one travelling set for their overseas international performances.