Hans Kazàn

Hans Kazàn is widely recognized as a professional magician, entertainer and keynote speaker.

Hans Kazàn was born in March1953. After being highly awarded during the world championship of magic in Paris in 1973. He started work as a professional entertainer. Within a few years he produced and hosted his own television shows in Holland.

During his lasting career as a famous television host, stand-up-magician and corporate speaker, Hans Kazàn has worked with many well-known people around the globe. He has impressed important politicians and captains of industry, as well as members of the Dutch royal family. Hans has shared the stage with well-known artists and hosted many famous people in his own highly rated television shows.

Hans Kazàn is an in-demand speaker who uses magic to strengthen his presentations. Many international organizations, including NIKE, ABN AMRO, Akzo, Philips, Holliday Inn Hotels and many others have hired him to motivate, inspire or entertain their staff, employees or guests.
Hans´ work is appreciated in all walks of life.

Stand-up magic

Hans entertains international audiences live on stage with his stunning, interactive stand-up-magic, which is of course infused with light-hearted humour.

Host and motivator

Hans Kazàn is also a successful host and motivator for your seminars and events. He integrates entertaining stand-up-magic into his presentations in a way that always keeps the audience alert and energized.

Hans Kazàn